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Pieces or quantities not available in our shop?
No problem, from today there is the My Lists function. With this new feature, you can create your own sub-list of your missing pieces. Once you have created your list, you could at Brickshop the missing pieces tell. Brickshop will try the missing parts as fast as possible and get to add in the shop. From your list you can see when a piece is available again. After you have communicated to Brickshop di missing parts of your list, you can make no more changes to the items of the list. For example, No color or amount of available replacements. From your list you can see what is available to buy.

With a few clicks, you can include a list of the contents of LEGO sets to create, so your simple get the parts and notify the missing pieces to Brickshop can.

For many years, there are many on the Internet LEGO fan which your own custom models building and then sell the Instructions. Should you already bought that you have had difficulties determined to get the parts. In good dealer you can also get the Instructions of an XML file, which is just a few clicks a list of the required parts can create. With the lists we then much easier to find and get the pieces. The ability to create an XML list is available in our online store.

We want to remind you that the many pieces that created the LEGO in all these years, they are not always easy to obtain. Brickshop not guaranteed in any case the recovery of all the pieces, because many of them are no longer in production and therefore also more difficult to obtain.

The service My Lists is no obligation for the purchase of the customer and also no obligation of Brickshop to get the pieces. Brickshop will make in no case the concerned parts of the lists for the customer on the side. Brickshop the parts once available directly add in the shop, so that they can see and buy.

With over 30,000 different LEGO parts it`s seems improbable to have all the pieces in stock. Many parts are probably still in our stock, but we work already missing it every day, so that in our online shop, more and more pieces are available.

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